Corporate Sponsorship

SSCD’s mission is to advance the fields of celiac disease and gluten-related disorders by fostering research and by promoting excellence in clinical care.
The SSCD Corporate Partners Program offers opportunities for your company to engage with SSCD members and the celiac disease community to further its mission. Through support of educational programming, leadership interface and resource development, SSCD and your organization can impact the celiac community and, ultimately, the quality of care for the patient.  Join us today in achieving our shared goals.
Take advantage of your partnership with SSCD through the following areas:
Networking with SSCD leaders will connect you directly with practicing gastroenterologists and key opinion leaders focused on research, education and patient care in celiac disease.
Showcase your organization and services to SSCD members and the celiac disease community through a variety of opportunities, including educational fora, professional conference, webinars and regular newsletters.
As the leading celiac society, SSCD offers your organization access to expert content and resources.
Your organization is recognized for your contributions throughout the year including educational programs, publications and electronic media.
The Corporate Sponsorship Program engages a variety of organizations which includes food corporations, diagnostic technologies and pharmaceutical companies. The Program is tiered so that every company size and type can participate and engage in the important programs that SSCD provides.
SSCD partners with organizations whose mission aligns the society’s vision and member needs.  Partnership includes alliance at a corporate level, rather than with specific products or brands.

To learn how you can take advantage of this excellent partnership opportunity, please contact or 844.593.8169 x118.

Join Us!

The SSCD is a dynamic alliance of healthcare professionals dedicated to advancing treatment for celiac disease and driving innovative solutions forward to improve patient quality of life.