The Society for the Study of Celiac Disease is proud to introduce the first and only program of this kind.  The Celiac Disease Unit Recognition Program (CDURP) recognizes units that have demonstrated a commitment to delivering quality celiac disease diagnosis and treatment as reflected in their unit policies, credentialing, staff training and competency assessment, and quality improvement activities. 

CDURP participants benefit by being among a like-minded community of units from across North America. Patients are secure in the knowledge that their care and treatment is delivered by a unit that meets stringent education and quality standards.

CDURP Criteria:
  1. Unit medical director and one dietitian must be members of SSCD.
  2. A minimum of 50% of entire unit staff must be members of SSCD, defined as any physician, nurse, nurse practitioner, dietitian or medical personnel, regardless of specialty.
  3. Attendance/involvement by the unit medical director in at least one SSCD-associated event per year with a minimum of eight (8) hours or CME or equivalent recorded annually.
  4. Evidence of an IRB or similar approved research or quality improvement activity within the last five years.  
CDURP Benefits:
  1. Recognition Certificate of the Highest Level of Celiac Disease Care
  2. Joint Press Release
  3. SSCD and Celiac Disease Foundation Directory Listings
  4. Quality Logo Use for Digital and Print

Be recognized for all you do to promote excellence in patient care! 

For questions about this program, contact us at sscd@celiac.org or 844.593.8169 x118.

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